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NBA Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

I'm going to preview the other NBA teams a little differently than most previews rock it. You'll see how it works as we go along. Regardless if you dig mine or not, check out the NBA previews that Celtics Blog is gathering.

Here on Rufus on Fire, teams are ordered in a way that's interesting probably only to me.


1 -- As much as Richard Jefferson is a liberating reformer, as much as Joe Alexander could be a force for positive change, as much as Charlie Villanueva's game is informed by being simultaneously overrated and underestimated his entire career, as much as Andrew Bogut is the standard bearer for consistently competent big men, as much as Michael Redd might be the only good guy in the world, the fact remains that the Bucks need a point guard.

Damon Jones has horribly ugly feet. Trust me on this. His inability to do much of anything other than hit open threes doesn't have much to do with his mediocrity at point. No sir-ree. Tyronn Lue was pushed out of the Atlanta point guard job by Mike Bibby's rotting corpse, not that he was sliced bread to begin with. At the end of last season, specifically the last five games, Ramon Sessions was alive with the sound of music, and he played That Game, but dude was no world beater in college and, for some reason, started in the D-League and then didn't achieve The Life until March. 'Tis dire, even if there's a playoff-caliber rotation outside the PG spot.

2 -- The test for the young 'un is whether or not he can create his own shot.

The other week, my friends and I sat over lunch and debated whether or not we could each, individually, survive a solo lion attack, given only the tools the land could provide, but also given time to prepare. We determined that the instant we knew a lion might attack, our odds of survival started growing exponentially until it topped out at some point where our intellects would cease to be an advantage and it would come down to the nitty gritty of killing the lion first. In the same way, young Joe's gifts and study will only take him so far. He must eventually use those gifts to slay a lion or two, and not everyone is precisely equipped to succeed at the task.

3 -- I bet Andrew Bogut owns at least three acoustic guitars, and he imagines himself strumming on the beach in the late afternoon.

4 -- According to 14/16 voting, NBA fans think Milwaukee is not a playoff team. Unless Ramon Sessions is the second coming of Derek Fisher, I agree.


NOTE: Yeah, I know the Cats "played" a "game" last evening. If 40-9 at the end of the first quarter is your thing, then... yeah. Just... yeah.