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New Widget: Schedule and Maps

You may have noticed that sidebar info has shifted around a bit. That's because I've added a schedule widget to the right sidebar. You may have to scroll down to see it.

A few days ago, I got an email asking if I wanted one of these things from a representative of Schmap. I wrote back that the styling of the sample I'd seen didn't really fit with what I was trying to do with Rufus on Fire, but if it could be changed, I'd consider adding it. Voila! A few days later, they came back to me with a slightly altered schedule widget, and I'm glad to stick it in my sidebar.

So, now, without leaving the page, you can look at the Bobcats' schedule, or you can look at Google Maps views of various NBA arenas. Good times.


The schedule is life. NBA life is the schedule.

For example, if I were a player or coach with the Cats, I'd most look forward to the New York trips. I've got people there. I've left some marks. It's New York, for God's sake: I'd want to party. Larry Brown's a New York guy. I'm sure he's got his people.

But yeah. I'd want to get my shake on. Unfortunately, the Bobcats play at the Garden on a Wednesday, and then don't return until a Saturday in March, which would finally be a chance to hit the town, because while the first trip to Jersey is on a Friday, it's Friday, December 26. The team's last foray into the Tri-State area (by the way: only car dealerships use that term in the flow of conversation) is a Monday in April after a Saturday night game in Chicago. So much for partying in New York until the offseason.