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Ultimate Fantasy Basketball

Those of you who have read my About page know I work for a sports media company (Read FirstCuts!). Most of my work is behind the scenes with fantasy games, so I'm able to offer a special little deal to Rufus on Fire readers.

If you want to try's Ultimate Fantasy Hoops game for free this season, you can follow the link below. Ultimate Hoops is a salary cap game with a unique dynamic price system that changes player prices, and your budget, based on every other manager's roster decisions.

For instance, if on Tuesday everyone "buys" Kevin Garnett and puts him on their teams, then his price will be higher on Wednesday, in proportion with how many people "bought" him. If on Thursday everyone "sells" him at his new price in order to put another player in his spot, his price will fall in proportion to those "sells". The thing is, if you sold him at the higher price, before it changed at the daily deadline, you would have realized a profit that you could then spend on better players.

The trick is in managing the limited number of trades you're allowed to make to build roster value, simultaneously playing a stock market game to gain more spending power and trying to score fantasy points from the players' in-game performances. It's highly addicting, seeing your Roster Value rise and fall based on your sells and buys, with the payoff of being able to buy the most talented players as the season goes on.

Normally it costs $20 to buy a team, but for Rufus on Fire readers, you can try it out for free at the link here:


If you'd like to browse around before joining this competitive league, which already has over 40 managers who came in through a RealGM board post, check out the free version of our salary cap game: Salary Cap Hoops Challenge.

In either case, you'll need to create a username, if you haven't already.