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The 76ers Are Also Planning for a Brighter Future

76ers fans have a lot to be happy about these days. Elton Brand is the kind of player that with one more elite star by his side could propel the team to a title. While Andre Iguodala likely isn't that guy, it doesn't seem far fetched to think someone like Amare Stoudemire would want to play alongside Brand and form an electric front court. And that's before considering the nuclear bomb that would be Kobe coming home.

"76ers pride" by Happy to be Saffanna, cc-licensed

For tonight, the front court situation seems simple enough. If I were running the team, I'd plan to give Ryan Hollins a lot of run against Sam Dalembert and let Emeka fight with Brand. When the Dukie goes out, that's when to bring in Dudley. Gerald matches up with Thaddeus Young.

In the back court, I fully expect Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala to eat Augustin and Felton alive when Philly's on offense. Size matters in the back court, too, and the Andres are both taller and bigger than Felton, let alone Augustin. But it's not all bleak. Augustin and Felton are quick enough that they could cause trouble for these guys off the dribble. Just remember that Larry Brown's offensive system doesn't encourage that kind of drive and kick mentality.


Happy trails, Eddie Jordan.


It won't happen... But it's fun to think that, with the Wiz in total rebuilding mode, they might be willing to get out from under Gilbert Arenas's contract. Let's say they make this trade:




The Cats would have to take that because they're getting the best player in the deal, when healthy, and they're resolving the point guard mess. The Wizards might think about it because they can give Felton a trial run at the point, and choose to simply let him go at the end of the season if they wish, and they can keep Richardson as a cheaper, not-as-talented, less-injury-riddled version of Gil. The core would be Butler, Jamison, and Richardson, with an extra five to six millie saved from Gil to JRich that could go toward the likes of Big Z, Brad Miller, or, a step down, Darko, especially since Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas are done after this season.