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Bitter About the Loss to the Celtics

Right now, I'm just bitter.

If Emeka Okafor was allowed to set moving screens like Kevin Garnett does, he'd be an All Star. If Gerald Wallace was allowed to grab on defense and hook on offense like Paul Pierce has taken to doing the past year or so, he'd be as good as LeBron James. The Celtics are extremely talented to begin with, but when they are allowed to get away with grabbing jerseys and moving screens, let alone bush tactics like intentionally distracting shooters who are in front of their bench by standing and waving towels, well... they're untouchable. At some point, the officials will have to crack down on that BS.

But the biggest issue with tonight's 89-84 loss was the coaching. We gave them the game. If Larry Brown would get a damn clue, he'd learn that as fun as it is to see DJ Augustin play offense, and as much as he simply looks like a basketball player at all times, the dude can't play defense. To make matters worse, when Felton plays alongside him, neither of them is big enough to effectively guard twos. The numbers bear this out, too. If I can see this and research this, then what the hell is the basis for Brown's decision-making?

While Ray Allen never got into a groove, and Okafor, May(!), and Wallace did an effective job of handcuffing Garnett, and Wallace and Morrison(!) did a good job of shadowing Pierce, the Celtics finally got Pierce going when the Bobcats insisted on playing Richardson on him in crunch time. Rondo or House would dribble to one wing, where they'd meet Pierce. With Augustin guarding the point, Pierce would set a screen, Richardson would switch off, and that would leave Pierce isolated on Augustin for an easy drive and shoot, or simple jumper over the diminutive guard.

In crunch time, the Celtics went to Pierce five of six possessions, DJ Augustin was isolated on him all five times, and for some reason, Larry Brown did not adjust. Pierce got points on four of those possessions, and assisted Garnett on the fifth. Get a couple stops, and game over.

Facial Hair

Hey, Jason! Score thirty per game and be Defensive Player of the Year! I did it! Why can't you?