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Bobcats To Get First Road Win Against Knicks

Yes, that's a prediction in the post title.

The Bobcats are headed to the Garden for their second road game. The Knicks will throw a small lineup at them, which bodes well, because I suspect the Cats will develop a trend of playing well against smaller teams, since that's where their strengths lie. While DJ Augustin ain't no great shakes, he and Shannon Brown should hold their own against Chris Duhon. (UPDATE: Bonnell says Felton will play. Not good news, considering he was absolutely torched by Will Bynum on Monday. Sit. Rest. Heal.) Nate Robinson, on the other hand, might light 'em up, and if D'Antoni recognizes this, the Cats will be in serious trouble. At the other guard spot, JRich is coming off an embarrassing performance against his hometown team, the Pistons, and he'll likely bounce back to exceed his regular scoring, and he'll likely lock down on Jamal Crawford or (shudder) Mardy Collins.

On the block, David Lee can't hold a candle to Emeka, and as good as Zach Randolph is, Gerald Wallace can take advantage of him on offense. If Adam Morrison really is better than he was as a rookie, this is his kind of game, since his kind of athleticism matches up with the Knicks' threes better than Jared Dudley does. Look for the Cats to play a lot of three guard combinations, with both Augustin and Brown sharing the court with Richardson. Poor Matt Carroll seems destined for another DNP-CD.

COUTRAM, the big time Knicks fan in my crew, predicts a 99-88 Knicks win, Quentin Richardson will score 20+, and Emeka will get 6 blocks.


A story.

On Monday evening, I'd pulled on my Bobcats hoodie and was locking my front door, about to walk to the arena, when my next door neighbor stepped outside. We don't talk much. Usually it's a nod and a "Hey."

"I was about to knock on your door," he said. "Do you want Bobcats tickets?"

"Nah, I'm fine," I smiled, flashing my upper deck ticket.

"Well, we got these, and we just found out we can't go," he said. "They're downstairs, if you want 'em."

"Well, if you're not going..."

"No, take them, please. Have fun!"

And suddenly, I had midcourt lower bowl tickets in hand. When the Official GF of Rufus on Fire and I arrived at the arena, we picked a couple of guys waiting in line to buy tickets and gifted our regular tickets to them. Pass it on, pass it on. Good times for all.


A wonder.

In the team store after the game, the Official GF and I each considered buying a new jersey. She wants a blue Morrison, and I pondered how often I'd wear a blue checkered-flag Richardson.

In the end, neither of us bought one. She passed because she's still not sure she can commit to Morrison, and I passed because it's not the jersey I really want. I have an Okafor. I have a signed Felton, and a Felton t-shirt jersey. I'd really, really, really like a blue Jared Dudley. And not the crappy replica. Swingman is fine, because authentic is mad-expensive. Thing is, they don't make it.

Dude was a first round pick last year. He's starting some games. He's getting minutes. He's a minor fan favorite. There were Primoz jerseys still left over last season!

And then I saw it, tucked away in the back of the store, next to a bunch of blank jerseys. No, not a Dudley. A Kyle Weaver replica. Remember Weaver? The guard out of Washington State the Bobcats took in the second round this year, and then later shipped to OKC for another second round pick?

I want a Jared Dudley jersey.