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Gerald Wallace Trade Imminent?

Prepare for the crap to hit the fan. There is at least one published report that Gerald is on his way out.

Wallace probably has the most value to other teams because his contract is very reasonable for the production he brings. However, I can't imagine the Bobcats getting back equal value, even equal future value. Consider the options:

1) Working a three way deal in which Crash ends up in Golden State, Al Harrington ends up in New York, and Charlotte gets the booby prize of Eddy Curry and David Lee is pointless for the Cats to facilitate. Getting Harrington straight up is pointless, too, because he's more of a jump shooter than Gerald and is totally uninterested in defense. (For some reason, the Trade Checker isn't letting me post this one.)

2) Wallace for Chris Kaman, straight up, is reasonable for both teams. It fits what both teams are trying to accomplish, as far as forging an identity, and it's a fresh start for both players. Wallace gets to pair up with Baron and Camby, and Kaman gets to be the offensive force alongside Emeka's defense in a way that doesn't quite make sense in L.A.

3) If I'm Joe Dumars, there's no way I do this trade, but a man can dream, right? Tayshaun Prince and Gerald Wallace probably bring about the same in sum, but get that production in different ways. Maxiell has been rendered a bench luxury, thanks to Amir Johnson, and they might be convinced that Rip Hamilton needs another jump shooter outside, and Morrison could be that guy.

4) Everything I come up with is just depressing, even with the silver linings.