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The Hornets are Better Than the Bobcats' Better

The Gerald trade rumors are affecting my mood...

"Why are clowns so depressing?" by RobertFrancis, cc-licensed

I should be happy to go see the New Orleans Hornets tonight. Chris Paul is a transcendent player that works to change the concept of the NBA three times per week. With David West and Tyson Chandler in tow, and James Posey reveling in his new life's mission to be the final piece of a championship puzzle year in and year out, the Hornets are one of the most fun teams to watch, besides being one of the best.

"I think I'll just go ahead and make this the most pathetic night ever" by emotionaltoothpaste, cc-licensed

The way the two teams stack up does not bode well for the Bobcats.

PG -- Chris Paul will be a perennial MVP contender for the next decade. Raymond Felton won't even sniff the All Star Game, and DJ Augustin's ceiling is still Damon Stoudamire until proven otherwise. This is no contest.

SG -- Morris Peterson isn't in Jason Richardson's class, but James Posey provides an interesting counter to Richardson's recent history of posting up smaller guards. Look for JRich to bomb away like it's 2007 when Posey guards him.

SF -- Peja Stojakovic is a matchup nightmare for most teams, because he's so tall he can shoot over just about anyone. The Cats could stick Jared Dudley on him, but I think they're more likely to put Crash on him (if he doesn't get traded before the game). That way, Gerald won't have to worry about getting posted up. However, he'll have to be careful about helping off of Peja, because leaving him open to shoot jumpers simply isn't an option.

PF -- David West is "small" for a power forward only in the sense that he's shorter than people think a power forward ideally should be. He's a beast, and no one on the Bobcats will be able to guard him. Gerald (PLEASE DON'T TRADE HIM FOR CRAP!) could get pushed around on the block, and Emeka won't be able to stay with him on the perimeter. Jared Dudley is the prime candidate to guard him, but even the object of my mancrush will have a tough time keeping up with the Hornets' second best player.

C -- Tyson Chandler does things few centers can do, but he also has certifiable weaknesses. He's quick for Emeka, but 'Mek can muscle him on the block. Just hope he and Paul don't get out in transition.

PREDICTION: Pain. (Especially if Gerald gets traded before the game.)