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The Trade Possibility Train Keeps Rolling

More disgusting trade possibilities involving Gerald Wallace...

Wallace/Felton for Hinrich/Noah
Hinrich is an upgrade on Felton, and Noah fulfills Larry Brown's desire to have another legit big man to start beside Emeka. Unfortunately, even though I like Hinrich, Noah is the big man's equivalent of Jared Dudley, nice to have around, but you don't want too many of those guys because their effort and hustle don't make up for sheer talent deficits.

Wallace to GS
Webster/Blake/Diogu to CHA
Lee/Crawford to POR
Harrington to NY

Talk about a risky trade all the way around. Portland puts their faith in Bayless and Roy at the point in exchange for the perfect bench big man in Lee. Golden State makes out like bandits, trading a malcontent for an ultimate good guy who adds some much needed slashing ability. New York gets the guy Donnie Walsh has coveted for a while, giving up a "big" man who will demand far too much money this offseason and a combo guard who doesn't fit his coach's offensive philosophy, opening up minutes for Nate Robinson. As for Charlotte, we get the Martell Webster lottery ticket. He's a cost-controlled potential Gerald Wallace. And we get Steve Blake, Professional Point Guard, to be the third PG that Larry Brown has said he wants. And we get Ike Diogu, the destitute man's Jason Maxiell.