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The Blind Writer, Bobcats, and Ball

Longest way round is the shortest way home. Meander meander meander through an 83-79 loss in that other Southern city.

Boris Diaw
25 points (Shhhhhhh! On 23 shots.)
Don't forget. 2012. $9 million per.
I'm convinced they're showcasing him, looking forward to February.

"#07 [from::the office]; the workspace or empty" by ::stromberg [::no videos on my photostream::], cc-licensed

Gerald Wallace
11 points. 10 rebounds.
The unappreciated undefined will define their unappreciators until the unappreciators learn learn learn.

"Airborne" by Daveblog, cc-licensed

Emeka Okafor.
10 points. 11 rebounds.
The unappreciated defined will undefine their unappreciators until the unappreciators learn learn learn. Like the mirror image--same results--as the unappreciated undefined.

"Ayers Rock" by ErikBFlom, cc-licensed

DJ Augustin
9 points (Shhhhhh! 13 shots). 4 assists.
The one sided coin doesn't exist yet it exists here because Mr. Brown wants it to exist as a two sided coin. Man lives not by bread alone but defense makes a difference.

"paradox v2.0 (2 of 2)" and "paradox v2.0 (1 of 2)" by pochacco20, cc-licensed


Facial Hair


Play the Bulls tonight the right way. Not Mr. Brown's way. The right way. Like destiny plays. It's not hard to understand you're just playing without vision direction corp-speak for knowing what the hell you're doing and the followers stitch up the wounds.

Fend off the angry impulses, for Ryan Anderson will save you all.