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I Love... Lamp. I Love... Love.

You can see how the Observer previews games here. Here's the same preview, done Rufus on Fire style. Sure, we're writing for different audiences, but I often feel big sports media still assumes too much ignorance in its readership, and they still hew to that crazy "objectivity" at all costs BS.

Charlotte comes back to the Cable Box two nights after a frustrating loss to the Boston Celtics where their weaknesses were exposed and forcefully exploited. The Minnesota Timberwolves are also a rebuilding team, but where the Bobcats have four large longterm contracts (Okafor, Richardson, Wallace, Carroll), the T-Wolves are only committed to Al Jefferson past 2011, and Sebastian Telfair is the only other one with a player option past 2010.

That's not to say there aren't any other youngsters worth keeping around. I still believe Kevin Love's ceiling is David West, and he could certainly be as good as the old Brad Miller this season, as he's pretty close right now. My mancrush on Love is surpassed only by my obsession with Tayshaun, but I'm staying at a distance for everyone's safety.

Randy Foye hasn't been scoring as in years past, but his assists have taken a big leap up. Corey Brewer might still have a future as a defensive stopper. While Ryan Gomes is getting minutes now, he's likely the odd man out with Love in the picture. He could re-sign as a top backup, but it's unlikely.

The Bobcats won't be as hurt by their lack of size as they were against the Celtics, but Mike Miller is definitely much bigger than Raymond Felton, and if the Cats let him shoot essentially uncontested jumpers by putting Felton on him, then he'll have a big night. If Rashad McCants gets minutes at the two, let him jack 'em up.

On offense, the Cats should run the ball through Gerald Wallace, since neither Gomes nor Love nor Craig Smith can deal with him off the dribble, and Brewer is ill equipped to deal with him in the post.