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I Think That Proves We're Not as Good as the Cavs... But at Least I Rode a Minibike

Facial Hair

"Dwayne, you can get through college half-assed. Richard, you can get through life half-assed. But I'll guarantee you boys one thing, sure as hell I'll guarantee you this: You cannot win half-assed!"
-- Blue Chips


We all know the Bobcats had no reasonable chance of winning the game last night, because it was unreasonable to guess that LeBron James would eschew playing. The King went for 25 points in 28 minutes, sprinkle in 22 from Daniel Gibson, and that was that.

The Cavaliers are virtually a perfect storm of superior talent and thorny matchups for the Bobcats. Even if the Bobcats had tried to run them out of the building, that's exactly the sort of game in which LeBron will one day drop 70, and I'm sure the Cavs would have prevailed. Let's not dwell on losing to one of the three best teams in the league. Let's not dwell on a half-assed effort that produced only 48 points in the first three quarters. Gerald had just found out his grandmother passed, and nobody else could muster more than a listless jog up and down the court.

I ain't mad atcha'. While unacceptable for a championship organization, here in Charlotte, it's completely understandable that the team would be so thoroughly outclassed. At game's start, the only one on one matchup I'd take, talent-wise, was Jason Richardson over Delonte West, and then after considering contracts, I'd probably take West and his deal instead of JRich and his monstrosity. Interestingly, the second team, as a group, marginally outplayed Cleveland's scrubs. DJ Augustin kept getting to the line, Shannon Brown logged some quality minutes, and Alexis Ajinca played his best game of the season, which, depressingly, featured zero rebounds in 12 minutes.


Again, let's not dwell on such unpleasantries. The house was packed, and I got to do the minibike race. I'm still pissed I lost, but I can only blame myself. Check out the video below. I apologize in advance for the Official GF of Rufus on Fire's constant screaming. You should probably turn down your volume. She knew not what she was doing.