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Insert Joke About Juwan Howard Here

The Bobcats are in New Orleans to play the Hornets tonight, but that's not the big news. Noooo, we couldn't leave well enough alone, and it looks like we're signing Juwan Howard. Again, this is not complicated, and it seems like a big waste of money.

If we were a team that had any shot at the playoffs, I could see bringing Howard on board as a character guy who might get garbage time minutes, but was primarily there to practice hard and be a respected veteran voice in the locker room. Fair enough.

What does that do for the Bobcats, though? Even if he really is the best big option available after Emeka and assuming Gerald stays at the three, better than Dwayne Jones, Alexis Ajinca, Sean May, and Nazr Mohammed (I refuse to believe that at this stage of his career he's as good as Jared Dudley /mancrush), even with his precipitous decline last season, what good does it do? The players who need to work and learn won't get PT because of him. We should be completely in "throw crap at the wall and see if it sticks" mode, not "sign the last piece of a championship puzzle" mode.


My latest piece on FirstCuts is about a Michael Jordan jersey from Space Jam. In the course of reading over material about the movie, I found this video. Oh my.