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Knicks in Charlotte for a Tuesday Night Party

Trading Boris Diaw would be nice. I've laid out why, previously. However, if the long term plan is to trade him for Eddy Curry, then everyone pulling the strings should be fired immediately for gross incompetence.

"Knicks Poster" by eric_liu76, cc-licensed

The obvious solution back at the start of the season was to let Richardson play out his deal or wait for an irresistible offer in the summer of 2010, with one season to go before his deal expired. I always thought trading Richardson would be next to impossible because no team would be willing to give up enough talent to make it worthwhile. But I underestimated the Bobcats' willingness to screw themselves. Diaw's been tremendous for the Cats, but I still don't believe this is his true talent level, and if we're going to trade him, anyway, how he plays for us is moot. Compared to sitting tight with JRich, trading for Curry would save us approximately $5 million in 2010 and we would lose waaaaaaaaay more than $5 million worth of on-court production from Curry and Bell, as opposed to Richardson and the likes of Juwan Howard and Ryan Hollins.

If the goal is to blow everything up sky-high and start anew around Emeka, then trading Diaw is a necessity, but enduring Curry in the process is like having to scrub up the purged puke with paper towels. Trading Gerald would be like having to clean it up with no towels and with bare hands. I'm willing to endure the Good and the Bad, but Eddy Curry? Really? Do I hafta? As it turns out, Curry's knee might be arthritic, saving us all from damnation.


Tonight, we get those Knickerbockers, riding a six game losing streak. Scattered thoughts time!

-- I have a huge mancrush on Nate Robinson. He was a second round pick who, every year of his career, has outplayed what DJ Augustin is doing. That includes his defense, which isn't All World, but Nate Dogg's so strong and such a leaper that it makes up for his height deficiency.

-- Like other Mike D'Antoni teams, the Knicks' notion of "positions" is kinda muddied. Jared Jeffries has been playing center. I mean, I remember when he was a two at Indiana!

-- I saw Tim Thomas wandering through the Wachovia atrium during my lunch break. My friends and I might have been the only people in the vicinity who recognized him as something other than, "He's so tall he must be a basketball player."

-- Emeka should dunk at will on anyone other than David Lee and Harrington. Everyone else is so slight compared to him. Another 25 point night, and perhaps a third person will put him in the All Star conversation.

-- With Raja still likely out, and Larry Brown's notion that he'd rather bring Carroll and Augustin off the bench, might Adam Morrison or, especially, Shannon Brown get the start? I'd have been playing them more than Carroll all along, but whatever.

-- I would like a non-race-related explanation for why Matt Carroll gets the loudest cheers when he enters a game and why the crowd explodes when he hits a shot.