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What Happens in Atlanta...

(I went to Atlanta, and the Segways were taking over...)

Perhaps Mike Bibby isn't done just yet. Last year, with both the Kings and Hawks, Bibby took fewer shots and suffered a precipitous decline in free throw attempts. Never a good defender or a particularly proficient assist guy, his failure to score seemed to foreshadow a swift drop from NBA relevance. However, this season, Bibby's scoring is back up, thanks to his taking a few more shots and hitting on the best field goal percentage of his career.

Without Josh Childress, Marvin Williams has taken it upon himself to also shoot more from the outside. He's going to far surpass The Fro's longball averages, both in totals and percentages, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If Williams can be that kind of versatile offensive threat, it will discourage Josh Smith from launching threes, which is the worst part of his game.

The more I think about it, Smith is a younger, left-handed, more appreciated, more advanced at the same age, Gerald Wallace. He'll probably never be the best player on a championship team, but God help you all if he and Crash end up on the same team with an alpha dog running the show. I readily admit my basketball wet dream involves playing Tayshaun, Crash, and J-Smoove at the two through four, someone like Tyson Chandler at the five (for a total of roughly $45 million), and any semi-competent guard who's okay with pushing the ball up the floor, seeing as I'd be okay with Tayshaun, or even Gerald, bringing the ball up on occasion. Roger Mason, Jr. DeShawn Stevenson. Delonte West. For now, though, when Smith and Wallace get matched up on each other, getcha popcorn.

Of course, Joe Johnson presents the real challenge for the Bobcats, as I expect Wallace to guard Smith, Diaw to guard Williams, Felton to guard Bibby, and Okafor to guard Horford, leaving Raja to take him. Last time out, it was Felton doing a reasonable job in the early stages of the game, and then Wallace trying his luck later, with Smith out due to injury. Assuming Bell is the same guy he was earlier this season, reputation simply doesn't match up with performance, and we'll be looking at another big night for JJ. In the end, our first priority should be stopping Johnson. Let Smith launch away from deep. Make Horford beat Okafor one on one. And let the chips rattle around the empty arena where they may.