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Cavs Beat Bobcats. Did I Mention We Beat the Celtics?

Lots o' changes happening for Rufus on Fire. We're in the midst of changing platforms, and will be back up and running soon enough.


You know how to put together a game in which Gerald Wallace gets 0 rebounds, Emeka Okafor gets 6, and Boris Diaw leads the team with 8? You can start with letting the other team shoot 60%, and in the end you're likely to lose by a pretty ugly score. Say, 111-81.

Is that Sean Singletary with a shockingly competent 13 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steal, and 0 turnovers in 20 minutes? Why yes. Yes it is. Is that six different Cavaliers scoring in double figures? Why yes. Yes it is.

Conventional wisdom holds the second game of a back to back is generally the toughest kind of win to come by, and playing elite teams like the Celtics and Cavs one after the other makes it that much more difficult. There was no realistic expectation of winning; the Cavs had to totally flip out and crap the bed for that to happen.

I barely care about the loss. I'm still riding the high from beating the Celtics and, importantly, refusing to be punked and pushing back when Boston resorted to bullying. On a certain level, that's the kind of win we always hope to have, and it'll carry me for a while.


I'm going to discontinue the Facial Hair project. I don't think it's bringing a return commensurate with the effort necessary to make it happen.


This weekend, I'm lucky enough to go on a basketball road trip with the Official GF of Rufus on Fire. We're headed for Philadelphia tomorrow, Thursday, and in the evening we'll see Virginia Commonwealth at Drexel. Friday night, the Bobcats are in town to play the Sixers, and we'll be there. The next day, Saturday, we're off to Washington, DC, to see some of the Official GF's family, the city, and the Bobcats at the Wizards in the evening. Finally, Sunday night, we'll be back in Charlotte so I can play in my first rec league game. So, yeah. Varying levels of basketball talent all weekend.

I'll post each day, possibly with pictures. Rock on, folks.