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Rufus on Fire Goes to Washington

The Official GF of Rufus on Fire and I froze to the sidewalk as we made our way back to the car outside the Philly Sports Complex last night, so I wasn't able to post about the game. Since we've got to move it move it into DC this morning, I'll post about both the Sixers and Wizards games together, including the start for Sean Singletary, tonight.

Washington is 6 wins behind the next worse team in the Eastern Conference. DeShawn Stevenson is out, replaced by Nick Young at the 2 and Dominic McGuire at the 3, with Caron Butler playing the other wing.

Set aside whether or not you think Raja Bell is actually any good anymore. The fact is that some people do think he's still pretty good on defense, and that affects how they attack the Bobcats when he's on the floor. It's astounding how good the Cats have been with their primary starting lineup out there, Felton, Bell, Wallace, Diaw, and Okafor. Try noting how often Larry Brown goes away from the formula, not realizing that a two guard should be over six feet tall in order to cover a six-four two guard, and you'll drive yourself bonkers.