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VCU at Drexel, Coming At You From Philly

NCAA basketball has some traits the NBA could stand to adopt. First and foremost, music and sound effects are banned from the PA during play. This encourages fan participation, rather than allowing the tech guy nearly full control over crowd reaction.

I'm in Philadelphia to see the Bobcats play the Sixers tonight, but last night, I had a chance to catch the Drexel-VCU game, and I reveled in my favorite aspect of college ball: crowd noise. The student section was active all game, and Drexel's small gym ensured my head would split by the end of the first half from all the catchy chants and general screaming.

You can get an idea of how small the gym is from this photo. Yes, that's an inflatable dragon in the background.

Ben Wallace resents the insinuation he didn't graduate high school.

When you wave the noodles randomly, you're just creating visual white noise that cancels itself out. The proper way to distract a free throw shooter from behind the basket is for everyone to synchronize their movement with hands and arms all pointing one way, and then as the shot motion starts everyone swings the same direction.

The five best players on the floor played for VCU, and they dominated the second half, cruising to a 75-46 victory. On offense, VCU's superior overall talent simply took over. Star guard Eric Maynor didn't score much, only putting up 8 points, but he did facilitate exceptionally well, getting 8 assists. Perhaps it's the number 3 on his jersey and his skin color and height, but his style of play struck me as a Stephon Marbury type.

Maynor was one of three VCU guys who might get a shot at trying out some summer with an NBA team. Larry Sanders is listed at 6-9, and if he's really at least 6-8 with a commensurate standing reach, he'll get as many chances as Jermareo Davidson, because the dude can play defense and run the floor. In scouts' wildest fantasies, he might be an Amir Johnson type, but more likely he'll get some looks and be deemed too much of an offensive liability to keep around. The real dark horse for me, though, was Ed Nixon, a 6-3(?) reserve guard who looked like an elite defender last night. He's only a sophomore now, so maybe he'll stick around four years at VCU and show he's an above average college point guard. If he does play point reasonably well and maintain the defense I saw, he'd have to be considered for a final bench spot as a defensive ace.

(Totally unrelated note I couldn't fit anywhere else: Jay Williams was the color analyst for ESPNU. Jay Williams!)


Today, the Official GF of Rufus on Fire and I are going to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheesesteak hunting, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Ralph's, and then the Bobcats at Sixers game. If I mention that Reggie Evans looks like Freeway, will anyone get it?