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Open Gameday Thread vs Memphis Grizzlies

The Official GF of Rufus on Fire usually asks a lot of questions about what she's seeing on the court, since she didn't grow up a basketball fan, by any measure. But she's watched a lot of Bobcats games since we started dating, and has come up with a few nuggets of genius. This story is not about one of those.

I've joined a full court rec league with a few 20-something and early 30s friends. High school rules, a scorekeeper, referee, the works. And we got utterly smoked in our first game. The Official GF was in attendance, so I asked her assessment of our performance.

"Don't take this the wrong way," she said, as I turned out of the parking lot. "But you guys really need to shoot fewer airballs."

Burn. The Official GF, and one.


Don't shoot any airballs tonight, guys.