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Open Gameday Thread @ Indiana Pacers

I'm not saying the Pacers are a threat. They're just better than their record. Put it this way:

Danny Granger - YAAAAAAWP!

Troy Murphy - At his peak, he's a beast on the boards and shoots from beyond the arc.
Mike Dunleavy - Um. Sure.

Jarrett Jack - Better than a couple other point guards out there, I suppose.

Jeff Foster - My eyes!

In a video game, Rasho Nesterovic and TJ Ford would start over Foster and Jack, and Roy Hibbert would get PT over Foster, to boot.

All of that is to say the Pacers' bench is nothing to sneeze at, Josh McRoberts notwithstanding. If the Bobcats' starters have to sit for any extended time, the bench will be hard pressed to hang with even this motley crew.

Without Augustin at 100%, once again, the starters will have to beat their starters big in order to pull out the win. And that's while dealing with the stupid race car noises they play over the PA in Indy.