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Open Gameday Thread at Denver Nuggets

David West should not have gotten into the All Star Game. Amazingly, this appears to be a case of voters remembering the guy's breakout season and honoring him for it rather than voting in a more deserving player. West is a fine player, but skimming the ranks of Western Conference teams, the following forwards and centers all deserved West's spot as much or more than he did.

Lamarcus Aldridge, Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, Kevin Durant, Andris Biedrins, Carmelo Anthony, and Nene.

Melo's a weird case, in that he's such a great offensive player that everyone kind of acknowledges his greatness, but even though he's stepped up this year, everyone also acknowledges his defensive shortcomings. Perhaps it's because he played the 2-3 at Syracuse. Regardless, he's not the defensive player Kevin Durant is, let alone someone like Josh Smith. From a back of the envelope reckoning, Smith>Melo>West (though the 3/4 dynamic throws things off a little), taking into account offense plus defense, and no one ever talks about Smith as a premier star in the league.

Nene is the one who must be wondering what he has to do to get a little recognition. After having a cancer scare last season and having to sit behind Marcus Camby, it looked like his career was at a crossroads, but instead of taking the Joe Smith path, Nene has suddenly become Emeka Okafor with a little more scoring and a little less rebounding.

This will be the second game without Gerald, and the Blazers game was an eternity of pain without him there. This game has the potential to be just as bad.