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Where the Bobcats Stand This Preseason

We don't have another game until Saturday, when the Bobcats go to Los Angeles for the Lakers' four-team preseason "tournament", so let's take a moment to reassess where the team is, thus far. This will border on the self-evident.

1 -- Apparently, the team's defense will be entirely different once Tyson Chandler gets involved. Listening to the broadcast on the Hornets game, it was said that Chandler was essentially the team's defensive quarterback. This bodes well and might go some way to explaining why his defensive plus-minus has been so good despite underwhelming shot blocking (and steals, I suppose).

2 -- They're also not going to get anywhere without Boris Diaw. I don't necessarily have the hard evidence to support this, but I strongly suspect that Gerald Wallace's unique skill set and production screams for either a distributor non-pareil in the back court or someone to pick up the ball-movement slack at another position. If Wallace makes up for that guy's lack of rebounds, that's fine. Voila! Diaw.

3 -- At what point will Raja Bell become superfluous? He's supposedly a defensive stopper, but that reputation has certainly cracked, and if he can't contribute on offense beyond the occasional three, then isn't he sub-Bruce Bowen?