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Alexis Ajinca's Option and the Bobcats' Process

I'm still worried about the Bobcats and their process. Ultimately, we all want the team to win. If that means turning to ugly basketball and slugging everyone in sight, well... in the larger picture it would be weird and perhaps shameful, but in the heat of the moment winning trumps all. In other words, the specifics of style are kind of irrelevant if the team wins, though we all have preferences.

When I say I worry about process, though, I'm talking about things like this Rick Bonnell piece from Saturday.

Alexis Ajinca seems to have shown improvement in the preseason. However, his regular season performance, when he did play last season -- while not quite atrocious -- was pretty dreadful, especially defensively. Essentially, he's in the same dark NBA hole that Joe Alexander is in. I do love me some Joe Alexander and, given his physical gifts, would probably ride out his contract to see if he can contribute by the end. Ajinca wasn't even a lottery pick, so he's making far less than Alexander, and he's younger, so there appears to be even more motivation to take a wait and see approach.

However, "wait and see" means waiting a couple years to see what he eventually can do. Waiting another two weeks and seeing how Freedom Fries performs in preseason games does not constitute giving him a chance to prove his talent. Virtually any information gleaned over that time about him should not affect their judgment of his worth as a player.

They've already exercised their team option on D.J. Augustin. At this point, having not exercised the option on Ajinca, they should have decided he will not be with the team moving forward. If they do exercise the option and cite this preseason as a deciding factor, then I'll continue to be very worried about what the hell kind of standards they're using to evaluate their talent.

Ajinca will probably be an end of the bench player this season, but how they handle his contract might be an indicator of a larger issue with the organization.