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Bobcats Fall to Jazz 110-103

Apply the same reasoning to D.J. Augustin's big night that we did to his poor game last night: It's troubling/exciting, but in the end, last season's performance during the regular season means a lot more to what we can expect than scoring 0 points on 6 attempts or 29 points on 13 attempts.

Other points of intrigue from last night's loss to the Jazz:

-- Somehow, Stephen Graham went 0-7 from the field, yet managed to get to the line for 12 free throws. He's not old, and he's far from terrible, but I just wonder what use he is to this team, unless he's a coach on the floor or the most tenacious practice player on the planet, pushing everyone beyond what they thought was possible.

-- Dontell Jefferson's +/- was +12 in only 15 minutes, leading the team. It's only one game, but I think this is illustrative of why I was so interested in giving him a real shot this year. He's listed at 6-5, can play the point, and has a strong defensive reputation. That screams "backup point guard", and if he really is a defensive plus, that could let Augustin play more off the ball on offense and Jefferson could guard twos if they're in the game together. If Jefferson and Henderson are both as advertised on defense... well... I do love me some defense.

-- DeSagana Diop got 4 steals!

-- Here's hoping this is not the year Raja Bell falls off the cliff.