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The Prediction Thread

It's time to put your internet-based prognostication reputations on the line. I'm already on record projecting the Bobcats' record at 37-45, but let's go a little bit further.

Here's what I want from you:

1 -- Predict the Bobcats' final record, and perhaps give a sentence or two of reasoning.

2 -- Who will be the team MVP? What will be his final slash stat line, PTS/REB/AST? -- The easy pick is Gerald Wallace, as I don't think he's going to enter a decline phase, yet, and he'll probably be his same old self, finishing with his standard 17/7/3 per game, and the same per minute totals we've come to expect. I just don't see Boris Diaw replicating what he did last year, and Tyson Chandler's defense would have to be Dikembe-esque in order to overtake Crash in total value.

3 -- Who will be the league MVP? What will be his final slash stat line, PTS/REB/AST? -- LeBron James makes it two straight, 30/9/9 per game. There will be no survivors in his wake.

4 -- Who will win the NBA Championship? Who will they defeat in the Finals? -- I'm going with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron is LeBron, but on top of all that, all the additions they've made this year are also actually improvements, whereas the Lakers didn't necessarily improve by adding Ron Artest. The only way the Cavs don't make the Finals is if the Shaq experiment implodes the locker room. On another note, I'm convinced the best bet to win the championship, taking into account the odds Vegas would give you, is the Miami Heat. If Wade is healthy and Michael Beasley gets a full time role, they can beat anyone on any given night.