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Gameday Preview @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Pump Up Music: Rocky Horror -- "The Time Warp"

The Big Picture: The Cavaliers finally put together a win last night, albeit over an injury-depleted Timberwolves squad. Two losses to start the season isn't all that bad if you know you're going to make the playoffs and compete for a title no matter your seed.

I'm not sure how Mike Brown plans to attack the season, if he's going to give lots of rest early on and build up to speed in the second half, or if he's going to work guys hard early on and then let them rest after the playoffs are assured. Either way, the Bobcats face a talent deficit at every position (except Diaw vs. Varejao, probably) and will be hard pressed to compete, especially after such a draining game last night.

Key to Victory: Is anybody else wondering why the Cavs continue to start Anderson Varejao at the four? Doesn't it make all the sense in the world to simply give in, trade Zydrunas Ilgauskas for Stephen Jackson, move LeBron James to the four, and have Varejao be Shaq's caddy off the bench? It's still early, but even though I love the idea of Shaq and Z splitting time fairly evenly, I'd be far more concerned about Varejao getting so much playing time alongside them. Boris Diaw should pull him way out from the basket and shouldn't be afraid to play the Hedo Turkoglu role tonight, putting the ball on the floor and dishing or blowing by the much bigger man.

Secondarily, the Cats' bench will probably have to play exceptionally well just to keep up with the Cavs. Go twelve deep, Larry. You went all out for the win last night, and the energy debt's come due.

Detail That Might Interest .08% of Fans: Be sure to check out Cleveland Frowns, one of the best blogs on the internets, as far as I'm concerned. Yes, one of my college friends is a primary contributor, and I'm pretty sure he's going to be President of the United States one day.

Last Minute Halloween Ideas: For those of you dawdling on the Halloween costume thing, read my column on FirstCuts for a few ideas you might be able to slap together with a run to Goodwill.

Those of you who watched Nickelodeon game shows in the mid-90s might recognize my costume. Silver Snakes are going down! You ain't nothin', Purple Parrots! Green Monkeys 4 lyfe!