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Monday Morning Links

Happy First Preseason Game Eve! I've got a few links for you, a couple of them reminders.


NBA Blog Previews 2009 - Schedule - CelticsBlog

CelticsBlog organizes the most comprehensive set of blogger previews for NBA teams, and here's the complete schedule. The Raptors are up today. Rufus on Fire and Queen City Hoops are scheduled to unleash Bobcats previews on 10/22.



Here's the full list of Atlantic Division Previews.

Boston Celtics

CelticsBlog | LOY's Place | Celtics17 | Red's Army | Hoops Addict | Celtics Central | Celtics Hub | Gino's Jungle

New Jersey Nets

Slippery When Nets | Barkley's Mouth

New York Knicks

Posting and ToastingBandwagon Knick

Philadelphia 76ers

Liberty Ballers

Toronto Raptors | Hoops Addict

Bonus Links

See full schedule here | Also see SBNation preview storystream


The 14/16 Hypothesis: Year Two - Rufus on Fire
Cast your vote and predict which teams will make the NBA Playoffs this upcoming season.

If you haven't filled out the 14/16 survey yet, please do. All I want to know is which 16 teams you think will make the playoffs this year.


Bobcats Break blog site

Pravda unveiled their new blog section the other day. Do we have a pool on when the first bit of criticism will appear? Snark aside, there's an opportunity here for sharing interesting information, and I hope the team uses it for more than just getting to know the Lady Cats and pumping up Larry Brown.