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Open Gameday Thread @ Cleveland Cavaliers


Finally, basketball season is here. Well, preseason basketball. And it's not televised in Charlotte.

No matter! It's on the radio, and we can listen for nuggets of information that might somehow affect the Bobcats' season. In order, here's what I'm searching for:

1 -- Information on Gerald Henderson. I desperately want him to be better than everyone thought.

2 -- Information on Alexis Ajinca's and Derrick Brown's development. Our backup PF is still empty, and those are the two in-house options. Since I have no idea how "good" Brown is, and I was scarred by Ajinca's ineptitude last season, the bar is very low for optimism here.

3 -- How much will Raymond Felton play versus D.J. Augustin? Please play Augustin more.