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Cavs Defeat Bobcats 92-87


Preseason games don't mean much in the macro sense. Going 0-9 last year wasn't a good sign, but it wasn't particularly bad, either. Thus, hanging with the Cavs' scrubs and losing only 92-87 isn't anything to write home about. As for the keys I stated before the game:

1 - Gerald Henderson played 20 minutes and shot 3-10 from the field. Um... Uh... Be better, Gerald.

2 - Alexis Ajinca was totally fine. He didn't set the world on fire, but I'll take 9 points and 7 boards in 19 minutes from our backup PF. He had fouling problems in the NBA and D-League last year, so we'll see how that plays out, but this was certainly encouraging. I'm not holding out hope for stardom, by any means, but if he's a contributor, then he beat the odds implied by his rookie year. Derrick Brown didn't rebound, but if he can be a contributor, then, again, he'll have beaten the odds implied by his draft position.

3 -- D.J. Augustin had the best unadjusted +/- for the Cats. He had too many fouls, but 12 points and 6 assists on 5-8 shooting is a good thing. Raymond Felton started, which I hope changes as the season goes on, but we'll see.

The next game is in Greensboro, against the New Orleans Hornets, Thursday at 7:30pm. It'll be televised, so we'll have a lot more to chew over. If anyone is going to be at the game and wants to file an in-person report, you know where to reach me.

Also: Minnesota Twins!!!

Sad face: Detroit Tigers