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Bobcats Beat the Hornets, 108-101

Highlights and observations from the Bobcats' preseason win over the Hornets in Greensboro:

-- D.J. Augustin played 29 minutes and shot 16-18 from the free throw line. That's not quite as impressive as it initially seems, though, as the officials were calling fouls like crazy.

-- Gerald Wallace ought to lay off flopping so much.

-- Derrick Brown showed off his standing dunk. I may be overplaying this a bit, but I love the standing dunk since it's a borderline unstoppable play once the offensive player finds himself under the basket. It's all the better if that player is on the small side for a "big man".

-- Flip Murray was only 2-9 from the field, but I had a momentary flashback to 2007 and Stephen Jackson's arrival with the Golden State Warriors. There's something about the way he has no compunction about gunning from beyond the arc that might be a transformative force for this team. More likely, though, he just is who he is and blends into the rotation.

-- I nominate Dontell Jefferson as the "Shannon Brown-esque guy Larry Brown likes for his physical abilities but for whom Brown can't muster enough patience to actually let him be all he can be" this season.