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Happy Halloween Hangover Day -- Bobcats Lose to Cavs 90-79

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Like many of you, I'm sure, I had a crazy evening last night. Thanks to a series of events not particularly worth recounting in detail (taxicab follies, mostly), I was unable to get to a computer until this morning. Man, that box score sure looks familiar.

Some quick takeaways from the Bobcats' 90-79 loss to the Cavaliers last night:

-- Larry Brown did, indeed, go 12 deep giving playing time. However, as encouraging as Alexis Ajinca's and Derrick Brown's preseason might have been, they're not seeing action even in a game that screams for their participation.

-- Stephen Graham sems like the perfect back of the bench guy, which he should be when Raja Bell gets back. All you want from those guys is a nice person who can play several positions during garbage time. That's Graham. Unfortunately, he's getting supersub minutes that should probably be going to Gerald Henderson, who's looking a lot like the guy everyone thought we were getting at the draft.

-- Speaking of Henderson, my number one evaluation of new draft picks is whether or not they hold their own right away. He's doing it, and that bodes well for his future, whatever that future may be. Compare to D.J. Augustin, who also held his own and surpassed expectations, and compare to poor Joe Alexander, who is as athletic as they come, but simply can't play basketball at an NBA level right now, such that the Bucks did not pick up his option.

-- Finally, since I was off the grid, so to speak, can someone please shed light on how the Cats held LeBron James in check? Was it a herculean effort from Gerald Wallace? Was Tyson Chandler just that intimidating in the middle? Did they play zone? LeBron had a LeBron night with rebounds and assists, but turned it over 4 times and had only 14 points. It's actually kind of shocking to see.

-- Man, our offense is struggling. I love defense and privilege it over offense, too, but the team's got to figure something out soon otherwise I'm afraid we're headed for closer to 20 wins than 40.