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Pistons Smoke Bobcats 98-75

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Charlie Villanueva looked like an All Star while leading the Pistons' dominating victory over the Bobcats, 98-75. He had 30 points through the first three quarters, and Detroit put the game away for good in the third period.

It's easy to turn everything into a microcosm. But when everything in a given game can be the microcosm, it's just what reality is. We knew going into the season that the offense was going to be miserable, but none of us figured it would be this disgusting. I'm hoping the putrid play we've been watching -- clanking jumpers, awkward post ups, nobody moving away from the ball -- is just a slump that happened to come at the start of the season. But eventually, we won't be able to chalk the crappiness up to bad luck, anymore. As it stands, we're staring down the barrel of a landmark terrible offense, and there doesn't appear to be any reason to think that will change.

Highlights and lowlights after the jump:


-- Just as there's no precise moment when we'll tumble over the edge of despair regarding the Bobcats' season, there's no precise moment when we'll all have acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, last season was the anomaly, and Boris Diaw just isn't that good. Tonight was a particularly uninspired game from Boris, but the turnovers, the lack of rebounds, and the drop in scoring back to his pre-Bobcats levels are all indicative of a guy who's a nice complementary player, but who's also horribly miscast as a key cog. Don't look at his contract details unless you want to cry.

-- Vladimir Radmanovic: DNP-CD. Amazing. Dude was, ostensibly, our 7th man going into the season. Larry Brown must have been trying to send a message that the space cadet thing has to end.

-- Under 50% from the field. Under 30% from three. More turnovers than assists. Choose your indicator, and the Cats weren't up to snuff.


-- Nazr Mohammed, with 13 points and 8 rebounds in 15 minutes, continues his renaissance, garbage time notwithstanding.

-- (Good for the Pistons) Will Bynum is a pro's pro. I was going to make this point about the Magic's reserves last night, but it also applies here. Guys like Bynum and Matt Barnes bring what they bring, production-wise, but if you were to attempt to quantify the attitude that you want from your athletes, I think those guys embody a lot of desirable traits. They don't take their jobs for granted. They're intense about doing their jobs well. And they'll go toe to toe with anyone; it might actually be impossible to intimidate them.