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Bobcats Trade For Stephen Jackson -- Analysis and Links

Via Marc Spears's Twitter, the Bobcats have made a big trade.



MORE LINKS: SB Nation Warriors blog Golden State of Mind reacts... You can also follow this story on the SB Nation story stream... Shoals thinks it's exciting for the Cats... Kelly Dwyer thinks it's poetic justice... Henry Abbott emphasizes the upside... Bonnell says Jackson could start tonight...

A snap judgment after the jump...

1) Here's hoping the Bobcats are planning to flip Jackson for more than they would have gotten for Bell alone. I love Cap'n Jack's game, but the Cats can't delude themselves into thinking he's the go-to scorer our mix of talent is missing. Cleveland and the three Texas teams are Jackson's preferred destinations, but I'm not sure which of them makes the most sense as a trade partner for the Cats. J.J. Hickson will be a sticking point with the Cavs. Does it really make sense to get someone like Josh Howard, and would the Mavs give him up? Shane Battier is as much a Larry Brown type player there is, but what does Houston gain by acquiring Jackson? No chance the Spurs want him now, is there?

2) Free Gerald Henderson! The roster is now tailor made to go small, with Wallace taking up minutes at the four and Diaw at the five. I think this is a less than ideal look for the established players, but it would give the back court youngsters more playing time.

3) Free Derrick Brown! Free Alexis Ajinca! VladRad was the primary backup at power forward. Does this mean DB and Freedom Fries will see real playing time so they can take their lumps?

4) There's no way they intend to keep Jackson and build with him, is there? We traded an expiring contract and a two year contract for an expiring contract and a three year contract, which fits in with Charlotte's M.O. the past couple seasons.

5) We're a better team right now, assuming Jackson will actually play for Charlotte. Are we better positioned for the future?