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Open Gameday Thread at Orlando Magic

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TV: Fox Sports Carolina | Radio: 1660 AM
SB Nation Magic Blog: Third Quarter Collapse

The Stephen Jackson Trade Thread

S-Jax might play! S-Jax might play! I'm telling you, if he's at all motivated, this team's defense might've gotten better at the same time the scoring ticked up. The thing is, note that Jackson's scoring ability is no panacea. Specifically, I'm calling him a scorer, because in sum, offensively, he's still no Gerald Wallace, with PERs hovering around 15-16 in recent seasons. He's going to make the casual fans gush because he'll get points, but he's not going to have a huge impact on the offense unless this new mixture with Diaw, Wallace, Chandler, and Felton/Augustin turns out to be dynamite.