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Gameday Preview at Philadelphia 76ers

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Pump Up Music: Fugazi -- "Waiting Room"

The Big Picture: The Philadelphia 76ers have been stumbling in the early going. Their four wins have come against New York, Milwaukee, and New Jersey twice, so take that as you will.

Philly made a crazy run in the back half of last season, after dumping Maurice Cheeks for Tony DiLeo and embracing smallball. More to the point, their team embraced Andre Iguodala's style instead of trying to figure out how to make everyone else play Elton Brand's style. Brand's game has suffered in the aftermath, but it's probably for the best that the Sixers go this direction, given the other players on hand, and if Brand's going to be an All Star again he'll have to do it elsewhere.

Key to Victory: Andre Iguodala is in the Brandon Roy category of Secret Superstar. Yes, everyone knows he's super athletic and can do just about anything on the court, but would you be surprised to hear he's considered an elite defender? In last season's adjusted +/-, Iggy was right there with Chris Paul, Ray Allen, and Rashard Lewis in the top ten in the league, and while he's a good scorer, a lot of that was tied up in his defense.

Iguodala will mostly play against Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace, which is good for us, since those guys have the length and quickness to deal with his offense. Unfortunately, those two guys are also key offensive players for us, and we can expect AI2 to slow them down, if not shut them down.

Detail That Might Interest .08% of You: Jrue Holiday's name is spelled with a J because his family was naming all the kids with Js, but he was the last sibling with a J name.