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Bobcats Lose to Sixers 86-84

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The Bobcats lost a tough one tonight, 86-84, to the 76ers in Philadelphia.

My immediate takeaway is that, regardless of final outcome, the past two games, the Cats have played about as well as we could have reasonably hoped with Stephen Jackson aboard. We'll need more time to see if the changes result in an uptick in Charlotte's offensive efficiency, but I don't think it's too early to see that the team plays with a touch more danger than previously, on both ends of the floor. That might be why they were able to hang with the Sixers, a team almost universally regarded as better than the Cats before the season.

We'll have a more fleshed out recap and reflection in the morning. Until then, who do you think has the best NBA highlight mix on the web? You might think I'm crazy, but I'm going with Brent Barry. Recognize.