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Bobcats Rock the Raptors 116-81

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Gerald Wallace submitted a signature performance tonight, leading the Bobcats to a 116-81 win. Crash scored 31 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, and his counterpart on the Raptors, Hedo Turkoglu, only scored 5 points, had 2 assists, and 0 rebounds in more than 22 minutes.

Ultimately, the Cats didn't really have an answer for Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani, but they slowed them down enough that when they also totally shut down the Raps' backcourt, Toronto had no chance. It's a hell of an accomplishment to dominate the top-scoring team in the league, even if they are on the back of a back to back. So much went right for the Bobcats that it had to have rekindled the dying embers of hope in even the coldest of Charlotte fans.

Highlights and lowlights after the jump:


-- Flip, my man. Stop being streaky. 0-4 shooting, 2 assists, 0 rebounds,and 0 free throw attempts in 17 minutes is pretty bad, especially for the guy who's supposed to be instant offense off the bench.

-- Guys, you're still taking too many threes. 5-18 is unacceptable. At this point, you should only be taking threes to remind the opponents that you might do it at any time.


-- The notion of Gerald Wallace as an All Star reserve is still a long shot, but it's no longer a ludicrous proposition. Tonight, he rebounded like he has all year, but this time around, he put the ball in the basket like the occasionally electric offensive player we've dreamed he'd always be.

-- Tyson Chandler played the kind of game that justifies his fans' faith in him. 9 rebounds and 6 blocks in 22 and 1/2 minutes.

-- I'm still not sold on Nazr as a starting-caliber center (and probably can't be sold on it this year), but dude's been beyond solid off the bench and continued in this game, with 11 points and 9 boards in only 18 minutes.

-- Derrick Brown! Gerald Henderson!!! Both played more than 20 minutes, and easily held their own. Henderson, specifically, put up 15 points on 9 shots, and grabbed 4 rebounds. Here's to continuing this trend of playing the young guys.