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AI Meets With Sixers; Bobcats Looking for Big Man Help

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Two developing stories are popping up today that deserve some attention. First, Allen Iverson has reportedly met with Sixers management. I'm generally concerned about AI as a fan of the league, but more specifically concerned with his plans because he and Larry Brown seem to have a professional relationship without closure. Bringing in AI won't further any of our goals, so I hope all this AI commentary that Brown's doing really is just his way of encouraging Iverson to keep plugging away and is not his way of hinting to others in the Bobcats brass that they need to move one of the other guards to make room for him.

Second, speaking of the front office, Adrian Wojnarowski's Twitter feed has this nugget:

Golden State and Charlotte front office's still scouring landscape for bigs, league execs say, but struggling to find do-able deals.

(Via GSoM)

What does that mean? I have no idea. If we're going to trade Diop for a power forward type, who could we possibly get, considering Diop's got one of the worst contracts in the league? Really, if we're looking for big man help, there's an entire minor league with semi-competent to competent big men to fill out the rotation. This is what ten-day contracts are for! (Ten-day contracts can't be offered yet, so...) Or, other than the Robert Swifts and Rob Kurzes and Rod Bensons of the world, they could seek out any of the freely available guys who are floating out there, hoping against hope for a workout or fresh start with an NBA team. Mark Blount is persona non grata in Timberwolf land. Darius Miles might have something left in the tank. There are options outside of making a trade.