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What to Do With Gerald Henderson

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Question of the Day: When Flip Murray comes back and, ostensibly, we've got our full complement of players again, what do you think should happen with Gerald Henderson?

Obviously, I'm going to say he should play more than Larry Brown will play him, but if you were running the team, right now, and would be unable to trade anyone away, how would you handle the rotation? We have five guards who probably deserve playing time based on talent alone, and then there's Stephen Graham.


I'd probably consider playing more small ball, even if I have to play Larry Brown's style. Putting our best players on the floor probably means limiting DeSagana Diop and Nazr Mohammed's minutes, and rolling with Boris Diaw at the five and Gerald Wallace at the four when Tyson Chandler needs a rest. When the other team gives us the opportunity, I'm starting to think it makes plenty of sense to go with three guards, and Henderson makes the most sense to play that hybrid 2-3 position.

(Underrated part of the Bobcats-Nets game: At one point, each team was playing with four guards on the floor. Eight guards!)