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Bobcats Handle Hawks 103-83

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Around 5pm, I stretched out for a nap and dreamed the Bobcats pulled away from the Hawks in the second quarter and never really got threatened again on their way to a 103-83 win.

I even dreamed the details, like the Cats' dominance on the boards and a wide spread of minutes across the roster on the first day of a back to back. Imagine my surprise as the game played out just like mostly like my dream. Highlights and lowlights after the jump:



-- It looks like Vladimir Radmanovic still hasn't gotten into the groove of things. We knew when we got him that dude's streaky, but this is bordering on absurd.

-- Stephen Graham got more than 13 minutes. Gerald Henderson got fewer than 4. I refuse to believe that even in Henderson's "raw" rookie state, he can't be as productive as Graham right now, and that's before considering the benefits of letting him work on his game for next season and beyond.


-- Enjoy it while it lasts. Gerald Wallace is putting up Pistons-era Dennis Rodman numbers, from the small forward position. 11 points and 18 rebounds for Crash.

-- Raja Bell couldn't miss tonight, shooting 5-6 from three and ending up with 24 points.. That's good, but there's no way we can expect anything close to that kind of production from him going forward.

-- Same for Tyson Chandler, who was 5-5 from the field, with 10 rebounds. Unlike Bell, thought, I'm pretty sure Chandler has the capacity to repeat that over the course of the season.

-- Ronald Murray stepped in and was the Flip of old. The man took 12 shots in just under 18 minutes, including 5 three point attempts, making three. He is who he is, and changing his habits now is probably a losing proposition, so the most important thing is to see him actually on the floor.

-- Rebounding advantage for the Bobcats: 56-35.

-- Perhaps it was because the Hawks were coming back home off a west coast swing, but the Cats' defense still stifled them. Atlanta shot under 40% for the game and only 2-16 from three.