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Open Gameday Thread Charlotte Bobcats vs. Boston Celtics

TV: SportSouth | Radio: 1660 AM
SB Nation Celtics Blog: Celtics Blog

I parked the car in Harvard Yard.

Crash will cover Bird, our defensive ace on their best offensive player. Diaw matches up fairly well on McHale, since he can come out on the elbow jumper. Just be worried about what'll happen if he gets Boris too deep on the block. And Tyson can bang with Parish. In the back court, I'd rather have Felton on Johnson, because I'm more confident in his ability to hound him for the full court. Where we have an advantage is S-Jax on Ainge. As long as we can play Gerald and Jackson together on the wings, I don't think they have an answer for both of them. What are they gonna do? Use a scrub like Thirdkill for twenty minutes? Or a washout like Wedman?