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Open Gameday Thread Charlotte Bobcats at San Antonio Spurs

TV: SportSouth | Radio: 610 AM
SB Nation Spurs Blog: Pounding the Rock

Amazing stat that may not be that amazing but still looks amazing at first glance: Gerald Wallace leads the Bobcats with 140 free throw attempts. That's more than double the second place guy, who happens to be Stephen Jackson sitting at 65. Note, also, that Jackson's only played 11 of the team's 20 games.

The Cats are 11th in the league in free throw attempts, and Wallace is spearheading that important part of their game, even though he's second in shots per game behind Jackson and only takes one and two more shots per game than Raymond Felton and Boris Diaw.

Crash is great. Send him to the All Star Game.

(Programming note: I'll post a discussion thread at the game's conclusion, but more in-depth reactions will come later. Feel free to use that thread to post your own highlights and lowlights from the game.)