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Hoping Gerald and Jack Get Back Soon

We're about to enter a tough period for the Bobcats. They're suffering their first major injuries of the season proper, after wading through Tyson Chandler's and Flip Murray's preseason lower body issues.

Anything involving Gerald Wallace and headaches is scary news, but Stephen Jackson's back injury is also a tough pill to swallow. Especially with Crash's concussion history, they've got to be careful about sending him out there too quickly. However, he's come back and played fairly well after previous head injuries. He and doctors have to worry about long term effects, since he'll probably be able to play through short term symptoms.

As for Jackson, though, a bad back injury is a nightmare scenario for the Cats, given Larry Brown's total opposition to playing rookies. It could be a chance to give Gerald Henderson big minutes with the starting lineup, but more likely, we'll end up seeing Stephen Graham getting 15+ minutes per night, Flip Murray getting a few more minutes, and D.J. Augustin miscast as Felton's back court mate, a situation where both guys' skills aren't exactly complementary.

Get well soon, Jack.