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Bobcats Defeat Pistons 88-76; Gerald Wallace is Back With a Vengeance

The Bobcats downed the Pistons Tuesday night, 88-76. Those of you able to watch might be able to offer some more detailed analysis, but here are my snap judgments based on the box score:

-- It's fantastic to have Gerald Wallace back. He scored 29 points on 18 attempts from the field and grabbed 12 boards. He can't fall into a trap of thinking he can shoot threes effectively, though. As with most of the other guys on this team, he should only shoot from that distance to show the other team he might and can't rely on it as a real weapon.

-- Stephen Jackson's line looks like Stephen Jackson's line. His scoring was on the poor side of inefficient, with 13 points on 15 attempts and 5 turnovers, but he also grabbed 8 rebounds, a big plus from a guard spot.

-- Nazr Mohammed's scoring jumps out. Dude played only 18 minutes, but he scored 12 points on 9 attempts and grabbed an impressive 9 rebounds in that time.

-- Maybe we need to rethink Boris Diaw. Just as with Raymond Felton, instead of despairing that he doesn't step up on offense and hoping that he changes his stripes, maybe we should be glad his defense has been consistently solid all year. This game, in particular, Charlie Villanueva only managed 4 points on 2-8 shooting in 22 minutes.

-- The Stephen Graham menace continues to plague us.

What else did you see?