Bonnell to Graham Haters: "You don't get Stephen Graham"

Many of you don't get Stephen GrahamI read a lot of fuss about how Gerald Henderson should be getting Graham's minutes. The argument I hear is if the Bobcats drafted Henderson in the lottery, they're obligated to use him over some guy signed off the street.


The reality is Graham right now is a sounder NBA defender and generally a better decision-maker – what you'd expect from someone with four seasons of NBA experience. If that gives the Bobcats a slightly better chance at the playoffs – and it does – then I'm not all that concerned with whether it costs Henderson some experience.


That isn't my argument at all. Just because GH was a lottery pick is not justification for playing time. His talent is the justification. Sure, Stephen Graham can make a shot here or there but on the whole he does very little better or even at the same level as Gerald. Is his defense really that much better than Gerald's? Or is it Bonnell who doesn't get Graham?

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