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Change Blindness Means You're Missing More Than You Realize

Every so often, someone will tell me something along the lines of: "Wow. I don't think you were watching the same game I was."

As it turns out, we weren't.

I love this video because it illustrates what a lot of us probably suspect, that we can't possibly see everything in a basketball game, and in the picking and choosing our brains have to do to create a picture we can handle, we miss this and that. For example, I'm predisposed to identifying when Raymond Felton is jacking up shots willy-nilly and making bad decisions in the half court offense. For four years, he was something like the 20th best point guard in the league because of all that crap he pulled. Now, when he facilitates the offense and doesn't shoot like Allen Iverson and plays great defense, he plays like a top 10 point guard.

The thing is, it's harder for me to see that because in the picking and choosing, I'm more likely to see Gerald Wallace's positive contributions than Felton's. I'm more likely to see Stephen Graham's mistakes and ineffective moments than whatever it is Rick Bonnell sees in him.

Over the course of a season, this will all add up, which is why I try to always come back to stats and other people's recaps of what they saw. You're going to miss a lot, even if you're paying close attention.

(Video via Baseball Prospectus)