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Let's Write A Song About Gerald Wallace

Do you remember those guys who started playing guitar freshman year of high school because they realized chicks dig rock stars? I was one of those guys, and chicks did, indeed, dig the "rock stars".

I never got good enough to tour the world (or even the California coast), but I do write and record songs at home whenever inspiration strikes. What does this have to do with you?


It's time for another contest, although this one is more of a game. All you have to do is be as creative as possible. It'll be an experiment in group production, and will advance the agenda set forth by Gerald Wallace Facts. Here's how it will work:

Write lyrics to a song about Gerald Wallace. Post them in the comments.

I'll pick and choose from the lines posted here, produce and record a song out of them, and then post it on Rufus on Fire.

That's it. Post your lyrics in the comments, whether you've got a whole verse or just a phrase you like. Be sure to vote in the poll for what genre you want the song to be. You've got until January 10th.

And please, be as crazy as you like. Absurdity is good. This can be a real attention-grabber, so the more outlandish, the better. I could probably write a song myself, but, collectively, we can make a better one.