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Gameday Preview Charlotte Bobcats vs Philadelphia 76ers

Pump Up Music: Wilson Phillips -- "Hold On"

(Via my friend Anya)


The Big Picture: At least the Bobcats aren't the 76ers right now. They've lost eight in a row and are so desperate for guard help they've brought back the corpse of Allen Iverson. What's worse, they have two legitimate All Stars on the roster, but one, Elton Brand, has lost all semblance of that All Star-dom and is coming off the bench now. They're trying to trade him, but he's got so many years left, I'm not sure there are going to be any takers unless the Sixers get back totally useless players.

The good news for Philly fans, though, is that they do have Andre Iguodala, and when Louis Williams gets back, they'll have their pilot for a group of young run 'n gunners. Right now, though, they're casting around for something that works.

Key to Victory: The last time they played, Iguodala got his, and Brand stepped up to bully around the smaller Boris Diaw. This time around, without Williams running the point for the Sixers, the Cats can try to short circuit the Sixers' offense at the source. Iverson won't play tonight, and even if he did he's not a real point guard. Willie Green and Royal Ivey aren't exactly floor captains. They would like to use rookie Jrue Holiday in that role, but he's still learning the position, since he didn't carry much point guard duty at UCLA.

I like when the Bobcats pick spots to apply full court pressure, and they should kick it up a notch tonight. Maybe that plays into the Sixers' hands and allows them a more open floor, but if it does, that's what in-game adjustments are for. I'd like to see our guys take a chance early and make Philly prove they have the ballhandlers to bring the ball up the floor against some pressure and then run the offense in a compressed time frame.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Sixers coach Eddie Jordan led the NBA in steals while playing for the New Jersey Nets in the 1978-79 season.