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Let's Push Gerald Wallace Into the All Star Game

What more is there to say about Gerald Wallace? We're at about the 1/4 point of the season, and he's making a push to be the Bobcats' first All Star selection.

16 pts, 12 reb per game. 7 FTA. Trusted to be a defensive stopper every night. The crappy thing is that if the Bobcats fade out of the playoff race by the time All Star selections are made, that might be the worst thing possible for his chances at making the game.

But right now, after LeBron James and Chris Bosh, which Eastern Conference forwards deserve to make it ahead of him? Andre Iguodala is a guard, but if he's labeled a forward, that could push Wallace out. Maybe Josh Smith? Garnett and Pierce have shown signs of dropping off. Danny Granger just went out for over a month with an injury.

He's on his way. Any ideas for how we can spread the word about the greatness we see every night?

UPDATE: Rick Bonnell is thinking about Wallace and the ASG, too...