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The Winner of the Best Bobcats Trade Contest Is...

MR. MANN, who proposed a trade of D.J. Augustin to the Wizards for Andray Blatche.

While the NBA's conventional wisdom is to never trade big for small, I think this is the kind of "seeking upside" trade that might actually make sense for both clubs. It's not perfect, but I think it's the best we could conjure in the thread.

For Charlotte, we give up on Augustin, but add a legitimate big man with both offensive and defensive skills. He would give the rotation sense and order as a big who can more easily slide between PF/C than anyone else on the roster.

Washington has been relying on Earl Boykins(!) for point guard minutes, which is never a good thing. When Mike James comes back, he'll still, potentially, have a spot on the roster since Randy Foye hasn't been much of a point guard for them this year and Gilbert Arenas is better at the off guard spot. If they're going to give minutes to Boykins, why not Augustin? The big obstacle would be that this trade adds to Washington's glut at guard, further marginalizing DeShawn Stevenson at the expense of their big man depth, but if they're willing to play Dominic McGuire at PF or run a smallball lineup with Mike Miller at the nominal PF spot when Jamison sits, this could give them a PG of the future in exchange for a rotation player.

MR. MANN, to claim your prize, please send an email to with your address, and I'll mail you The Art of a Beautiful Game.